What are your prices?

Our prices are based upon your actual needs for your event. We do not charge you for items that you do not use. For instance, if you have all your vendors and just need some décor help and day of services, that is a different price from a full-service package. Also, we do not charge a percentage of the total wedding costs because we are constantly trying to SAVE you money. Other companies that charge a percentage are not going to watch out for your bottom line.

Where are you located?

We are located at 5051 Norman Blvd. Riverside Ohio 45431. We are right down the street from the Air Force Museum.

Why should I hire an Event Coordinator?

Planning an event can be stressful, time consuming and sometimes overwhelming! It takes a ton of time and energy to plan a large-scale event. You must be able to create the vision that you see, while maintaining your current lifestyle with work, school, family activities and more. A wedding coordinator can assist you by breaking each piece into more manageable pieces. For example, you want a garden ceremony with a rain plan built in, with an air-conditioned reception area for 3000.00 or less. You could spend hours and hours calling venues, touring venues and finding great venues that match your vision are overpriced, overbooked or just not returning calls. We know all the venues in the area, can weed through the ones that do not match, are booked or are out of your price range and only show you the available venues in your price range. This saves you days of stress, aggravation and heartbreak. We can review your contract to ensure that both parties are being treated fairly, that all promises are met and that you are happy with your choices. We also offer all our brides use of our stock items, including linens, runners, centerpieces, décor, beverage fountains and dispensers and more! We can save you time, money and irritation.

What does an event coordinator do?

Depending on your package choice, an event coordinator can do many things for you. We can handle all the research aspects that way you done every day. By having a small pool to look at, you can get more detailed with each vendor and really make sure that you click. We can be your “coach” and help monitor your time, budget, theme and keeping you on track. We can plan the entire event from the beginning, jump in and help where needed or just give good solid advice. We handle everything that you will not have time for and allow you to actually enjoy your day!

Do you change up my wedding because you "know" best?

Not every planner is David Tutera, who will change your wedding day vision! Your wedding is all about you, your fiancé and your own individual style! What we do is ASSIST you in creating your dream day, without changing it. We run all the day of, setup and teardown of the event and allow you to enjoy your entire event. We treat each client’s theme as the guideline for the day and ensure all your wants and needs are met. We do this by working closely with you and finding out exactly what you want for the day.

You do a lot of weddings, what will make ours special and stand out?

Yes, we do many weddings each year. How to make yours a stand out wedding is very simple, actually, be true to who you are! If you are a country girl at heart and want pulled pork and hay bale seating, do that! If you want the Disney princess wedding, then do that! By creating exactly what you love, each event is completely different. Do not do everything you see on Pinterest (use that as a base and change it up to suit yourself!) Use our décor items in new and different ways!

My Mom, sister, friend, etc is going to handle the day of stuff.

We always recommend that you not rely on friends and family for your wedding day setup. They could get busy with their own lives and run late or be forced to cancel last minute. If you have a professional company handling the event, we will show up, we will handle it all and ensure that your vision is completed. Also, relying on a family member, friend, etc. to handle ALL the details of the day is asking for trouble. What if their vision doesn’t match yours? What if they can’t handle all the details at the last minute and drop the ball, your event will suffer. Do they have a caterer on speed dial if there is a last-minute glitch in the kitchen? Do they know how to handle a medical emergency, know all the intimate details about the food allergies at table 5 or that you cannot stand pink carnations and will be very upset if the florist used them in your bouquet? Also, if they are supposed to be helping you get ready, they could run late and miss out on the fun of getting ready with you. When I was married, my mother was running around all day trying to handle all the details and we do not have a single picture of us together. I push very hard for my brides to have their family with them all day long.

Why do I need a Day of Coordinator if I have planned my wedding myself?

Great job on planning your wedding on your own! However, do you really want to be setting up tables and chairs with your family and friends when you should be drinking champagne and getting ready? Do you really want to be checking in with your vendors instead of having your hair done? A Day of Coordinator handles every single detail of your wedding day. We ensure that the florist delivers the right flowers, the caterer brings the right food and the correct number of plates. We verify the timeline with the DJ/Band, officiant, caterer and venues. We make sure that guests are in the right place at the right time, your photographer captures all the right moments and that we stay on schedule. We handle the full set up and teardown of the ceremony and reception sites and make sure there are no issues.