Our Services

Wedding Coordinating

We work with you and your family to create the dream day you have envisioned. We set the meetings with the vendors, keep track of payments due, work with you to develop the timeline, look and theme of your day and then we handle all of the day or work, setting up the ceremony and reception site and tearing them down to ensure your venue is happy and you receive your deposit back. I meet with you monthly to ensure the wedding planning stays stress free and nothing is left to the last minute.

Timeline creation

Do you have any idea what time everything should start? Finish? Dinner should be served? How long it takes to get through the ceremony? This is where we help you create a working timeline that will allow your wedding day to flow easily and keep you and your guests from feeling rushed or that the day is dragging on. We know exactly how long everything takes, so we are here to create your timeline and then oversee it the day of!

Vendor Selection

Need help finding reputable vendors in your price range? We do all the searching for you! We have a preferred vendor list that enables you in quickly finding the perfect vendor, without making hundreds of phone calls. We also only recommend the best vendor in your price range!

Venue Selection

We work with you to find the best venue in your price range. We have intimate knowledge of all the best venues and know the best and worst parts of each of them. We work with you to pick the location most suited to your perfect day!

Event Planning

We plan all of your events, Birthdays, Corporate Parties, Graduations, Anniversaries, Weddings, Surprise Proposals, Launch Parties, Grand Openings, Fundraisers and more!